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Settling in to Cyprus

A slightly different feel to our blog posts for a while as I attempt to catch up the site so that it matches (at least gets close) to where we are in the world rather than being a year behind (how did that happen)?!.

I have been much better at updating Facebook/Instagram so I'm going to move some of those weekly posts here to keep everything in one place and for those of you who prefer using blog pages rather than social media.

So here we go, Cyprus week 2 (week 22 of our travels). The week started with Mother's Day celebrations. We drove to the salt lakes at Limassol where we saw flocks of flamingos (none close enough for decent photos but it was fab to sit and watch them through the binoculars), we then had lunch and cocktails in Paphos harbour which was great. One of the bars is home to a huge pelican which wanders about amusing the tourists. It was incredible to see one so tame and so close but I was sad to discover it's locked up over night in quite a small cage so not quite as "free to come and go" as they make out.

The week carried on with us settling in to Cypriot life, Jake has been able to join a watersports group (he's learning sprint kayaks which he's never done before) and the kids there are all really happy to practice their English with him while he learns a few Greek words. He's also started some music production lessons at a local music studio which he's enjoying so much.

We've been rock-pooling at our nearest beach, with Dexter endlessly fascinated by the wildlife to be found in the mini ecosystems left behind by the tides.

The boys and I visited Aphrodite's Rock, the place legend tells us Aphrodite first emerged from the sea in very questionable circumstances (if you don't know the story of Aphrodite's birth look it up, the boys think it's hilarious!!).

We also drove back out to Larnaca to visit a second salt lake for more flamingo watching. There's not many left now as the water levels drop and most of them head off to Tunisia or Turkey but it's been nice to spot them.

Later in the week we had some issues with the AirBnB which demanded some immediate building work be done so we've had to decamp to a nearby hotel for a few days. Although frustrating the hotel is great and we're making the best of it and taking it as a mini holiday. The boys are already hanging out with kids from all over the world and it was nice not to have to make breakfast the last couple of days.

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