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Bespoke Antenatal Sessions (starting from £75)

A minimum 2 hour Antenatal 1:1 session.

I offer bespoke antenatal sessions around specific subjects depending on your individual situation. The session plan will be agreed in advance and will include the topics most relevant to you. Some ideas for a starting point might be:

Infant feedinginformation about what to expect in the early days, the physiology around breastfeeding and tips to help get breastfeeding off to a good start. 

Home Birth: We can discuss why a home birth might be a good option for you, how to make your environment work for you during labour and birth and who.what you might need around you. We can look at ways of helping pregnant women and her birth partners relax and feel empowered.

Breathing and relaxation: These sessions can focus on breathing techniques for labour and birth as well as relaxation exercises, visualisations, massage and using rebozo (scarves) to help keep comfortable. 

These sessions can be for a pregnant woman and her birth partners and will be run from the comfort of your own home. 


All of my courses and workshops are designed with your individual requirements in mind and will be adapted to your particular needs. 

Prices shown are a guide so please get in touch to start the conversation.

Postnatal Introducing Solid Food Workshop (starting from £65 for a group booking - perfect for sharing the cost over a few families)

These courses are designed for when your baby is around 4 months old and will prepare you for introducing solid food to your baby. 

The sessions are 2 - 2.5 hours in length and we will cover:

  • When and how to introduce solid food. Including looking at the latest guidelines and research around the topic.

  • Discussion about the differences between "baby led" and spoon feeding approaches for introducing solid foods.

  • Ideas for healthy, easy recipes for your family.

  • Will include recipes for you to refer back to.

For your convenience I will run the course from your home and I'm very happy to facilitate while you have your baby/babies with you.

These sessions can be booked as private 1:1 sessions, or you can invite other parents to join you for a group booking.

2.5 hour Antenatal 1:1 Baby Care Sessions (starting from £75)

Designed to cover everything you need to know about practical baby care in the first weeks, we can include all of the information below, and anything else you would like to add.

Run from the comfort of your own home we can look at and use any of the equipment you have already bought for your new addition, as well as talking about what "essential" tools you might find helpful.

Perfect for any family expecting a new baby. Primarily for parents to be but I'm happy for expectant grandparents or other family members to be involved too.

Topics for consideration are:

  • Planning for the "4th Trimester" – This phrase was coined to refer to the first weeks after a baby is born, we will explore what support you might need, how best to look after yourselves as new parents and, for women, what to expect in terms of recovery postpartum.

  • Nappy Changing – we will run through nappy changing, including what's normal content wise (you'll be amazed!) as well as practising with nappies on dolls. Whether you have chosen cloth or disposable I can give you information on both.

  • Infant Bathing - Washing, bathing and cleaning your baby. We'll talk about safe bathing practices alongside keeping baby's skin healthy and discuss what products you might want to use or not use.

  • Safe sleep – what’s “normal” with regards to infant sleep and discussion around safe sleep practices with your baby. We will talk about the physical and emotional importance of room sharing as well as safe sleep for nap times (day time sleeping).

I cover the Medway towns, Gravesend, Swale and Maidstone.

(Journeys over 15 miles from ME8 6PH  will need to include additional mileage costs of £1 per mile).

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Postnatal Breastfeeding Support Sessions (starting from £20)

Most of my postnatal support for infant feeding is done voluntarily as part of my role as a Breastfeeding Counsellor within the NCT but I am able to offer a small number of private appointments each month. 

These appointments start from £20 for phone/video call support and start from £40 for a 1:1 home visit.

These sessions usually start with a discussion on how feeding has been going. I can then offer support and guidance with any problems you might be having. I can observe baby feeding where appropriate and suggest measures around improving comfort or efficiency of breastfeeding.