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A home educating, worldschooling family taking one day at a time and pretending we've got everything under control...

Hi, my name is Vicki. I am married to my lovely husband Kristian and we have two boys, Jake who is 15 and Dexter who is 7. They keep us very busy.

I am a fully qualified Antenatal Practitioner and Breastfeeding Counsellor but am currently not working in a face to face capacity as my family and I try out a new lifestyle and to do some full time travelling. We're really excited to take you all with us!

We have home educated since our eldest son was 6 and now that Kristian and I can both work remotely we have decided that now is as good a time as any to do something very different and very out of our comfort zone!

So in September 2021, we sold our family home along with most of our possessions - leaving just a few precious things with friends and family, put everything else we own into suitcases and backpacks and set off on an adventure!

I'll be posting here as we go, but do come and find us on Instagram and Facebook to follow our journey in real time and please get involved.

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